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How Long Is Breast Augmentation Recovery?

Expect 3-5 days of downtime after getting implants. Don't be caught off-guard. Get the full recovery timeline.

All surgery comes with recovery time. 

And breast augmentation surgery is no different so let’s talk about it.

Expect to have 3-5 days of true downtime after your breast augmentation procedure, typically 6 weeks of limited to no exercise/ heavy lifting, and up to 12 months for final results and scars to heal. 

However, it’s important to note that everyone is a little different and their recovery will depend on their anatomy, their plastic surgeon’s guidelines, and the procedure(s) they have. 

breast augmentation recovery week by week
Breast Augmentation Recovery

What is the downtime like? 

The good news is that the downtime after a breast augmentation isn’t terribly long (typically 3-5 days) and for most people, it isn’t drawn-out days of pure agony either, but again everyone is different. 

For most women, recovery is uncomfortable and tight. You’ll more than likely spend the first few days taking it easy with pain medication, catching up on your favorite tv show or book series, and eating soup. 

For some women, this is a dream staycation, while others catch a case of cabin fever. Regardless of which way you lean, your downtime probably won’t last long. In the Bustmob Community, a support group for women considering or undergoing plastic surgery, most women are back to work on day 5. 

When can I get back to real life?

Your plastic surgeon will give specific guidelines for when you can get back to things like exercising, submerging in water, driving your car, and picking up little kids and fur babies. 

For many women, 6 weeks after surgery opens a lot of those clearance doors, meaning your gym routine, bubble baths, and heavy lifting are back on the table. However, and we can’t stress this enough, your plastic surgeon will give you guidance based on your specific procedures and your personal recovery. 

Where are my final results? 

Spoiler alert, your final results won’t show until at least 6 months with gusts up to 12 months after your breast augmentation. That doesn’t mean that your breasts will look the same as your first day post-op or that you’ll have frankenboob the whole time. 

Frankenboob drop and fluff breast augmentation result after photo

"Frankenboob" at 2 weeks before "drop and fluff" at 8 weeks

Each week you’ll see your results blossom, even if it isn’t obvious every time you look in the mirror. Remember, good things take time. 

Sort of like growing out those bangs, it’ll be hard (and probably pretty disheartening) to notice the changes day-to-day. However, a progress photo in the same bra or bathing suit top each week will help you fight those “Boobie Blues” and appreciate all of the incredible changes your body has made. 

Feeling impatient? Scroll through the Bustmob GoalFinder. 

Remember all of the reasons you wanted this in the first place. Breast augmentation recovery is emotional just as it is physical. It’s normal to feel frustrated, impatient, and even regretful early on. 

Looking through the Bustmob GoalFinder can be a great reminder of your goals and how long results can take. Each GoalFinder photo will have the patient stats along with the post-op time the photo was taken, almost all being no sooner than 3-4 months. For the true final results, be sure to check out photos 12 months or more post-op! 

Search breast augmentation results using your height and weight to see other fabulous results on frames that match yours. Believe it or not, there is a light at the end of the breast implant recovery tunnel and you’ll get there before you know it! 

Get support in the Bustmob Community. 

No matter how much you prepare, there will probably be a “wtf” moment in your breast augmentation recovery. This is where the Bustmob Community really shines. Post a question like, “has anyone had bruising like this” or share a photo of your own frankenboob to get reassurance that your recovery is normal and it doesn’t last forever. 

The plastic surgeons of Amelia Aesthetics also volunteer their time to answer questions from the community in live Q&A sessions several times each month. Just another way to feel supported, secure, and confident no matter where you are in your journey. 

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