If You Squeeze Your Breast Implant, Will It Rupture?

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Let’s talk about breast implant durability. 

We have no doubt you've heard some rumors or imagined an implant rupture scenario filled with explosion and terror.

But overall, the modern breast implant is pretty durable so you don’t need to worry about your implant exploding...even if you're skydiving or using your breast as a stress ball. 

Each breast implant brand will have a different rupture rate, which is fairly low across the board. The fifth-generation silicone gel implants, or gummy bear implants, are filled with a cohesive gel that holds its shape outside the shell–making ruptures if they do happen, less of a pressing issue. 

What is rupture?

Implant rupture is when a small tear forms in the silicone shell of the breast implant.

When people think about ruptures, their mind tends to go to a sort of explosion scenario caused by a blow to the chest. But this isn’t really the case. 

Most likely an implant rupture is caused by the implant constantly rotating in the capsule or scar tissue pocket (as it’s designed to do).

Over time, the shell may wear down in one spot causing an implant rupture.

Saline vs silicone ruptures 

In the unlikely event that your breast implant does rupture, your experience will differ based on the type of implant you have.

Saline implant breast ruptures will be very obvious very quickly. Much like a flat tire, the implant will deflate within an hour or two of the rupture.

Though it might not be aesthetically pleasing, it isn’t a medical emergency. The body naturally and safely absorbs the sterile saline solution used to fill the implant.

With a gummy bear breast implant, a rupture, sometimes called a silent rupture, will not be obvious since the cohesive, silicone gel holds its shape even outside of the shell.

The FDA recommends that women screen their silicone breast implants using an ultra-sound or MRI beginning six years after their surgery and then every four years after that.

However, many women choose to opt out of the screenings, leaving ruptures, if any, to be found during a mammogram. 

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What happens if my implant does rupture? 

There is no known harm from an implant rupture for either saline or silicone implants.

Though in the event of a rupture, you’ll likely want to have a breast implant exchange procedure. 

An implant exchange is a fairly non-invasive procedure where your plastic surgeon will make a small incision, typically along the original incision if done at the crease, remove the original implant, and replace it with a new one.

Because the skin and chest muscles have already adjusted to having an implant, recovery tends to be much faster and easier than the original breast augmentation. 

breast augmentation crease incision and scar
Breast Augmentation Crease Incision
Implant warranty

Most breast implants come with a warranty that will cover the cost of the implant in the event of a rupture.

However, each brand will have its own policy and specifics of what it will cover. It’s important to note that for the most part, the warranty doesn’t cover additional costs like surgeon fees, operating costs, and anesthesia. 

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