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Are Breast Implant Exchanges a Big Deal?

A breast implant exchange is pretty straightforward. See what makes implant exchange an easy choice for so many women.

Will an exchange be like the first time?

The good news is, no, a breast implant exchange is not like the original breast implant surgery. In fact, implant exchanges are a fairly simple cosmetic procedure! 

We hear in the Bustmob Community, a safe space for women to connect and learn about plastic surgery, women stressed out about picking an implant size that they will love forever. 

Of course, choosing your size is important and exciting, but you can take a little comfort in knowing that if years down the road you’d like another size, implant exchanges are really easy. So don’t panic.

Typically, breast implant exchanges are usually not as expensive and require less recovery time. In some cases, if the woman is only going up or down a cup size, they don’t even need to go under full anesthesia for an implant exchange!

Because the muscles and skin have already stretched from the first breast augmentation, your body doesn’t go through the same recovery process.

Another little bonus is that your final results will typically come around the 6-9 month mark as opposed to the 9-12 month mark like your original surgery. 

If you’re considering breast implants, it’s important to have an idea of what to expect should you decide on swapping out your implants in the future. At Amelia Aesthetics, they offer an online pricing tool so you can know the bottom line before even booking a consultation.

Their transparent pricing includes everything from anesthesia to surgeon fees, and follow-up appointments so you can plan ahead before you even set foot in your consultation. 

If you’re like us and want all the details about breast implant exchanges, we have a whole series dedicated to this very topic in the free Bustmob Academy app

Does exchanging your implants mean something is wrong with them?

Not at all! Women decide to swap out their implants for a number of reasons, not just because there is something wrong with them. Maybe they’ve had kids and breastfed or maybe they’ve lost or gained weight and are wanting a different size. Some women are just in a different phase of life and want a different look. 

Women typically swap their old implants for new:

In addition to profile, size, and type, women also choose to exchange their implants for a newer generation, like the fifth-generation silicone implants also known as “gummy bear implants.” 

The fifth-generation's cohesive silicone gel has made them a popular choice for their similarity in look and feel to natural breast tissue and their durability. You can learn more about the ins and outs of breast implants in the free Bustmob Academy app.

Keep in mind that a breast implant exchange is not the same as a revision. A breast implant exchange is simply swapping a perfectly fine implant with another.

Revision surgery is a procedure to correct a complication such as an implant rupture or capsular contracture. You can learn more about these risks and other general surgery risks in the free Bustmob Academy app.

How do you pick your implant size?

Picking your implant size can be both exciting and overwhelming, regardless if it’s your first time or your fourth.

Trust us. We’ve been there. Googling breast augmentation after photos is a nightmare and even if you find a result you love, it can be hard to know her stats and implant size. 

So we made the Bustmob GoalFinder. A free resource with thousands of plastic surgery after photos from real women.

You can search by implant size, brand, profile and patient stats like height, weight, and complexion to see what breast implants could look like on a frame that matches yours. 

330ccs saline breast implant breast augmentation after photo
330ccs saline breast implants after photo from the Bustmob GoalFinder

Save your favorites in a personalized collection so you’re ready and organized for your consultation with your plastic surgeon.

Regardless of the reason, implant exchanges are common and easy. But if you’re looking for more reassurance, hop in the Bustmob Community. With over 50,000 members and counting, there is no shortage of personal anecdotes and resources. 

The plastic surgeons of Amelia Aesthetics also volunteer their time to answer questions from the Bustmob Community in exclusive live Q&A sessions. 

Our resources and community are completely free to help make your plastic surgery journey as easy and empowered as possible. Hope this helps! 

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