Breast Implants

What To Know About Breast Implant Warranties

Implant warranties cover the cost of your implants in the event of a complication. Learn more about what is and isn't covered.

What is an implant warranty?

A breast implant warranty is a written guarantee of the quality of your implants given by the manufacturer. In the United States, the three most popular breast implant manufacturers are: 

  • Sientra
  • Allergan
  • Mentor

Do all breast implant brands have warranties?

Yes! Each breast implant manufactured in the United States has a warranty program so you can take some comfort in knowing your investment has some coverage.

Are all warranties the same? 

Not all warranties are the same. The specifics of your breast implant’s warranty vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. 

Your patient care coordinator will be able to walk you through what your warranty covers, doesn’t cover, and for how long.

Some surgeons at Amelia Aesthetics even offer Revision Assurance to protect you against additional costs like surgeon’s professional fees, facility fees, and anesthesia fees not covered by the warranty. 

Be sure to ask your patient care coordinator about your options for additional coverage offered by your plastic surgeon. 

What does a warranty cover?

An implant warranty typically covers the cost of the implant in the event of capsular contracture or an implant rupture within the warranty period. 

However, it’s important to note that most implant warranties will only cover the cost of the new implant. They typically won’t pay for things like anesthesia, doctor’s visits, or surgeon fees.

Much like our car warranties, they do have limitations so be sure to read the fine print!

What Are Capsular Contracture & Rupture? 

The truth is with any surgical procedure, there are some risks. Though the breast implant risks are low, capsular contracture and implant rupture are possible. 

Capsular contracture is when the scar tissue pocket around the implant begins to tighten. Though it isn’t medically harmful, it can be uncomfortable, tight, and cause some asymmetry. 

Implant rupture is when a small tear forms in the implant. Less likely from a blow to the chest, an implant rupture typically is caused by the implant rotating in the scar tissue pocket (which it is designed to do) and wearing a small tear over time. 

As we mentioned, your implant warranty will typically cover the cost of a new implant in the unlikely event that you have either complication. 

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How long does a warranty last? 

Your warranty period will depend on the implant brand you choose. Mentor and Allergan will cover the cost of the implant in the event of a rupture or capsular contracture for 10 years, while Sientra will cover the same for up to 20 years. 

It’s important to understand the ins and outs of your warranty so don’t be afraid to ask about your implant warranty during your consultation. 

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