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Support and community are so important for any major life event. Whether it’s having a baby, getting your first job in your dream career, or planning a wedding, there is no shortage of online support groups and online communities out there cheering you on. 

But that isn’t the case for plastic surgery. So we partnered with the wonderful humans at Amelia Aesthetics and made the Bustmob Community, an all-women plastic surgery peer support group. 

Research and community are your “breast” friends.

When considering a cosmetic surgery procedure doing your research is important. Knowing the basic science and facts before your consultation empowers you to be in the driver’s seat and allows the time with your plastic surgeon to be focused on your goals and personalized surgical plan. 

If you’re still in research mode, be sure to check out the full Bustmob Academy series for hundreds of videos covering everything you need to know about:

But research is just one piece of the puzzle. 

Plastic surgery is an emotional journey just as much as it is a physical one. Of course, there is excitement and anticipation as you daydream about your final results, pinning new post-op outfits to your Pinterest and imagining your first big trip or event. 

But there are also the less sunny emotions that can come up with plastic surgery too, navigating shame or unsupportive family members and friends, fear of the unknown, and planning for the recovery and costs. 

That’s where the Bustmob Community shines. 

With 50,000 group members and counting the women of Bustmob are here to support each other, answer questions, share tips and tricks, and tell their stories.

Private, free to join, and exclusively for women, you can feel safe and shameless asking questions and sharing your story with women who are in, who will be, or have been in your shoes.

It’s so inspiring to see hundreds of comments pour emotional support into a post. Whether it’s celebrating your new boudoir pictures, or asking how to tell your kids about your breast implants, the women of Bustmob are ready to take your hand. 

The Bustmob Community is a free, women-only plastic surgery peer support group.
Connect with other women in the Bustmob Community.

The Bustmob Community has free resources too. 

The plastic surgeons of Amelia Aesthetics generously volunteer their time to answer questions from the Bustmob Community. Each month, Bustmob hosts live Q&A sessions with a surgeon from an Amelia Aesthetics practice taking questions right from the community. Get to know them as people and also get answers to some of those medical questions. 

The women of Bustmob also love to give back to the community, offering exclusive discount codes for the community, hosting free events, and adding their after photos to the Bustmob GoalFinder

Thanks to the Bustmob Community there are thousands of plastic surgery after photos that you can search by patient stats like height, weight, and even complexion to see what the procedure you’re interested in could look like on your body type. Save your favorites to a personalized goal photo collection so you’re ready and organized for your consultation. 

If you fall in love with Bustmob, join our other groups too! We’ve got Surgery Sisters, Bustmob Skincare, and Ask a Surgeon so you can get cozy in a group that feels homey to you. 

How do I join? 

It’s really easy. Simply click here to submit a quick request. We’ll check to make sure you’re who you say you are and you’re in! All Bustmob Communities are completely free to join with zero membership or recurring fee. 

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From commonly told myths and FAQs, to recovery time and costs, Jenny Eden, founder of Bustmob, and Gretta Nance, lead educator at Amelia Aesthetics, break down your plastic surgery research into bite-size, binge-able pieces.

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