How Does a Breast Reduction Work?

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What is a breast reduction?

A breast reduction, technically known as reduction mammoplasty, is a surgical procedure to remove excess breast tissue and fat for smaller, lighter breasts. 

At Amelia Aesthetics, a breast reduction also includes a breast lift to not only make the breasts smaller but also add shape. 

A breast reduction with breast lift: 

  • Removes excess skin
  • Removes excess breast tissue
  • Removes excess fat 
  • Relocates tissue higher on the chest
  • Repositions and resizes the areolas 

Keep in mind your unique procedure will depend on your anatomy, surgeon, and whether you choose to go through your health insurance or pay out of pocket.

Breast Lift and Breast reduction before after photo by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jeremy Pyle of Amelia Aesthetics Raleigh
Breast reduction with breast lift before and after photo by board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jeremy Pyle of Amelia Aesthetics Raleigh

What’s the difference between the health insurance and cosmetic route?

If you’re planning to have a cosmetic breast reduction (as in not using insurance) the amount of fat, skin, and breast tissue removed will be based on your personal aesthetics goals. 

You’ll be able to discuss your goals and ideal post-op size with your surgeon during your one-on-one consultation using your goal photos as a guide. 

Based on your physical exam, anatomy, and the look you’re going for, they will help you create a surgical plan that is right for you. 

Having your insurance cover your breast reduction on the other hand will be more restricted. Based on your policy, medical history, and other factors, the insurance company will often have a say in your post-op size.

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What does a breast reduction include?

At Amelia Aesthetics, your breast reduction includes a lift at no additional cost. Why? Because a breast reduction and a lift do different things. 

A breast reduction removes the excess fat and breast tissue to make the breasts smaller, while a breast lift addresses shape, areola placement, and areola size for perkier, shapelier breasts. 

To learn more about breast lifts, stream the Breast Lift series in the free Bustmob Academy app. To get an idea of what a breast reduction costs at Amelia, simply use their online pricing tool to instantly get an estimate for your procedure. 

How does a breast reduction procedure work?

Your plastic surgeon will make an incision around the areolas, down the center of the breast, and, depending on the amount of skin and tissue to be removed, may go along the breast crease. 

From there, based on your aesthetic goals discussed during your consultations, your surgeon will remove the necessary breast tissue, excess skin and fat to achieve your desired look. 

Does a breast reduction require anesthesia? 

Yes, your breast reduction will require general anesthesia and is included in your price at Amelia Aesthetics. 

A reduction can be life-changing, but it is a fairly invasive procedure that does have a scar and significant downtime. 

The bright side is a breast reduction is typically an outpatient procedure so you’ll be home the same day. However, plan to have someone drive you home and have additional help from a capable adult for 1-2 weeks after your procedure.

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Can I get a breast reduction with implants?

Yes! Breast implants can create additional shape and upper pole fullness.

After an exam and a look at your goal photos, your surgeon will give you recommendations to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

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A Breast Reduction Looks a Little Different for Everyone

Just like a breast augmentation, a reduction can be very customizable based on your aesthetic goals.

Some people have always self-identified as a person with large breasts and would like to stay that way. They just want to add a little shape and reduce the size a bit to reduce some pressure on their neck. These are great candidates for breast reduction.

While others want their breasts to be significantly smaller. And these women also make great candidates. 

Breast reductions are popular in all stages of life. Some develop large, low, and heavy breasts early in life and choose to have a breast reduction as early as 18. 

While others, find their breasts are getting in the way of their active lifestyle and choose to have a breast reduction in their 60s. 

The right age for your breast reduction surgery is one that works for you and your lifestyle and varies from person to person. 

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