What Is the Average Cost of Wrinkle Relaxers?

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Your total cost is based on the number of units you use.

Wrinkle relaxers aren’t like a manicure or haircut with a one-size-fits-all treatment and standard price across the board. Your treatment really depends on you, your anatomy, and your goals. 

Wrinkle relaxers are priced by the unit, which is a measurement in the syringe, so your Botox treatment cost may differ from your friend’s Xeomin injection cost. 

On average the cost for a single unit of wrinkle relaxer, for brands like Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin, is anywhere from $12-$16/unit.

Everyone wants a straightforward answer, we get it.

But the truth is, comparing wrinkle relaxer treatments isn’t comparing apples to apples. They are really customizable to your goals and anatomy, which makes them so great and also so hard to price exactly without a consultation.

Your forehead may have stronger muscles and need a few more units than your neighbor's. Or you may want a completely different area altogether. 

wrinkle relaxer before and after by licensed injector at Amelia Aesthetics Raleigh
Wrinkle relaxer before and after by licensed injector at Amelia Aesthetics Raleigh

But to get an idea of what you could be looking at, let’s talk about some common treatment spots.

The most common areas for wrinkle relaxers are:

  • Forehead lines
  • Bunny lines/11s (in between the eyebrows)
  • Crow’s feet

Of course, there are other places that work well depending on your anatomy and aesthetic goals. The good news is you only pay for what you need, which is kind of the best bang for your buck.

You can learn more about wrinkle relaxer treatment areas in the free Bustmob Academy app.

How many units will I need?

A consultation with a licensed injector will be the best way to know what areas you’re a candidate for and how many units you’ll need. 

Because everyone’s skin, facial muscles, and aesthetic goals differ, a conversation with an injector is really the only way to know your exact treatment plan. 

You may only need 10-20 units between your eyebrows or you may treat your entire face and neck and have 70-80 units every 6 months or so. 

How much for full-face Botox treatment? The cost will not only depend on the price per unit, it will also depend on how strong your facial muscles are and how much Botox you’ll need to limit that movement. 

But the image below created by the professionals at Amelia Aesthetics is a great resource to get an idea of how many units different treatment areas require on average. 

Average units used for common wrinkle relaxer treatment areas
Average units used for common wrinkle relaxer treatment areas

Amelia Aesthetics also offers a free online pricing tool so you can get an idea of what to expect before your consultation.

Using the image above and their free pricing tool, you can get a sense of what areas you may be interested in, about how many units you’ll need for each area, and the cost per unit at Amelia Aesthetics.   

Keep in mind that your exact price will be determined at your consultation, based on what brand you choose and the units you need to achieve your goals. But don’t be shy to ask your injector about all the details during your consultation.

What is a consultation for wrinkle relaxers like?

Your wrinkle relaxer consultation will be right before your treatment. Your licensed injector will evaluate your skin when resting and while making big facial expressions. 

This part can feel silly but is necessary to create your treatment plan and adds some lightheartedness to the process. 

Man having a xeomin treatment consultation with a licensed injector at Amelia Aesthetics
Wrinkle relaxer consultation with licensed injector at Amelia Aesthetics Raleigh

You’ll have the opportunity to share areas of concern and your overall goals and ask any lingering questions about your treatment plan, aftercare, or whatever else may be bopping around in your head. 

How much should you tip for Botox?

At least in the US, tipping on services is pretty common and expected. Which begs the question, “How much to tip for Botox treatments?” 

When it comes to Botox and other wrinkle relaxer injections at a Medspa, you aren’t expected, nor required to tip your injector.

Because Medspas are considered “medical settings”, the total cost of the treatment is all you are expected to pay. However, if your treatment is done in a “salon setting,” there may be different expectations around tipping. 

We always recommend doing a bit of research before booking with an injector, especially when considering an injector who is not affiliated with a reputable Medspa or board-certified plastic surgeon’s office. 

Wrinkle relaxers are a pharmaceutical and it’s important that your injector is licensed with the proper aesthetic injectables training to ensure your treatment is safe and gives you your desired results. 

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