Do You Lose Nipple Sensitivity With Breast Implants?

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Nipple Sensation After Breast Augmentation Surgery

This is a hot topic in the Bustmob Community, a private space for women to learn about plastic surgery and connect with other women also on the breast implant journey.

We see women constantly polling the group asking, “Did you lose nipple sensitivity after your breast augmentation? Gain sensitivity?” 

The truth is everyone’s recovery and experience are very different. So, unfortunately, there isn’t a definite yes or no when it comes to nipple sensitivity and breast implants.

However, it’s important to know that although it is a small risk, it is possible to have changes in sensitivity or lose sensitivity all together. Again, it isn’t common, but it is worth knowing that changes in nipple sensitivity are possible.

If nipple sensitivity is super important to you you may want to think about how you would feel if that sensitivity changed. You can learn more about breast augmentation risks in the free Bustmob Academy app

Here’s what you can expect.

For the first 3 months after your surgery, your nipples and breasts will likely be numb and hard. Although a completely normal part of the recovery process, to be totally honest, it can be pretty uncomfortable and look a bit weird. 

We know. No one wants to hear this, but recovery is a very real part of breast augmentation. The recovery process isn’t overnight. In fact, it takes up to 12 months for women to see their final results and for their scars to completely heal after their breast implant surgeries.

We want you to be prepared with realistic expectations so you can feel confident each step of the way.  

Before you panic, we have some good news–after that 3-month mark, your nerves and swelling calm down and you’ll start to gain back your sensitivity. For some women it’s a little more, others a little less, but for most, it’s around the same as before the procedure.

You can learn more about breast augmentation recovery in the free Bustmob Academy app

Is sensitivity important to you?

Don’t be afraid to talk to your plastic surgeon about your concerns. At your consultation, they will do an exam and create your surgical plan. Based on your goals, the amount of breast tissue you have, and your anatomy, they’ll be able to talk to you about your unique risks and benefits. 

Take some comfort in knowing there are some things you can do to reduce your risk of losing nipple sensitivity. One of those is the type of incision you have. The two most common breast augmentation incisions are: 

  • Crease incision 
  • Periareolar incision
Periareolar and crease/inframammary breast augmentation incisions
Periareolar and crease breast augmentation incisions

The crease incision, also known as the inframammary incision, goes along the crease of the breast where the bottom of the breast meets the abdomen. Using a crease incision bypasses a lot of the milk ducts and nerves, lowering the chances of disrupting them.

The periareolar incision that goes around the areola, on the other hand, has a higher risk of damaging nerves and milk ducts. 

You can learn more about breast augmentation incisions in the free Bustmob Academy app

In some cases, your breast implant size can also play a role. Be sure to have any questions or concerns ready for your consultation. The goal is for you to walk out of your consultation feeling confident and ready for your big day with no lingering “what ifs.” 

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